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Pierre is a Swiss/Peruvian London-based new media artist and interactive designer.

He uses emerging technologies and merges them with analogue tools to deliver new forms of art that respond to contemporary demands set by the post-digital era we are living in. 

Concerned with our rapidly changed and changing relationships with digital technologies and art forms, Pierre’s work is a mix between embodied media and mixed reality; between visual, haptic, auditory, and kinaesthetic media experiences, to achieve new perceptions through audiovisual experiences.

Ultimately, Pierre’s work spans installations, performances, moving images and photography.

Pierre graduated with a master’s in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art (RCA) and is currently a lecturer in immersive media, mixed reality and motion graphics at the University of the Arts London (UAL) and Brunel University.

Pierre’s work has been exhibited in Cromwell Place (London), IKLECTIK (London), OneRoom Gallery (London), RichMix (London), Milton Court (London), Bright Festival (Leipzig), Media Art Nexus (Singapore), SomaRumor (Sao Paulo) and Munich Creative Business Week (Munich).

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Pierre Engelhard
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SYNCHRONICITY is an art experiment about sound and movement.

Using a generative sound system to create music, performers are able to generate unique sounds with their movements within a defined space.

Dancing in succession, every generated sound is the other performer's music to which they respond through movements. This pattern goes on for five cycles, resulting in a totality of 10 performances. The film ends with a global outcome of all the performances as a way to assess the similarity and thus, the level of synchronisation achieved by the performers after five cycles.

Ultimately, SYNCHRONICITY aims to understand the act of synchronisation as a connecting experience with others, and explores new ways of perceiving sound and movement by linking the two in an unusual manner.  

This film has been created as part of my art residency at SomaRumor II, the second South American sound art meeting.

Director and Creative Technologist: Me
Director of Photography: Margherita Allievi
Performers: Tilly Woodward ︎Dylan Springer ︎

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