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Pierre is a Swiss/Peruvian London-based new media artist and interactive designer.

He uses emerging technologies and merges them with analogue tools to deliver new forms of art that respond to contemporary demands set by the post-digital era we are living in. 

Concerned with our rapidly changed and changing relationships with digital technologies and art forms, Pierre’s work is a mix between embodied media and mixed reality; between visual, haptic, auditory, and kinaesthetic media experiences, to achieve new perceptions through audiovisual experiences.

Ultimately, Pierre’s work spans installations, performances, moving images and photography.

Pierre graduated with a master’s in Digital Direction at the Royal College of Art (RCA) and is currently a lecturer in immersive media, mixed reality and motion graphics at the University of the Arts London (UAL) and Brunel University.

Pierre’s work has been exhibited in Cromwell Place (London), IKLECTIK (London), OneRoom Gallery (London), RichMix (London), Milton Court (London), Bright Festival (Leipzig), Media Art Nexus (Singapore), SomaRumor (Sao Paulo) and Munich Creative Business Week (Munich).

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Pierre Engelhard
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06 Sonic Beings - HOME

Format: Performance
        15 minutes 
Sonic Beings is an audiovisual live performance that was held at Milton Court in London on July 6th 2022.

The musical set was composed by Nicola Perikhayan and mixed electronic music with live performances by various musicians.

The visuals were created according to the theme and evolution of the music. Starting with vocal pieces, eventually evolving into sounds inspired by architectural sites, the visuals project an understanding of sonic organisms, whether as human beings or societal assets. Ultimately, confronting the viewer with alternative ways of perceiving sound through visuals.

The creation of the visuals was done through traditional 3D animation but also through the use of emerging technological tools, such as face tracking, photogrammetry and AI.

Visual Art: Pierre Engelhard
Composer: Nicola Perikhayan
Performers: Alexandra Pouta, Eliran Kadussi, Emilia Adajew, Tiago Costas, Audrey Wu and Andy Harper